AMORPHIS - “The Moon“ from their album “Halo“ (February 11th, 2022) Stream, download and purchase here: Available as CD Digipak, black or gold 2LP, and White Vinyl Deluxe Boxset. Exclusive Green/Blue Marbeled Vinyl Deluxe Boxset: Exclusive Yellow/Blue/Black Marbled 2LP: *** Video directed by Patric Ullaeus (rEvolver Film | ) rEvolver crew: Anna Sandström Lena Landström Pam Moon Tobbe Olsson Film crew - Helsinki, Finland: * Natalie Koskinen - Makeup & hair * Alma Kovanen - Location production assistant * Miiro Varjus - Assistant location manager * Samuel Ruotsalainen - Location manager * Backline Rental Finland * RMC Light & Sound Starring: Stefan Cronwall Napoleon *** Lyricist Pekka Kainulainen about “The Moon“: “I have done several drawings and paintings on this subject over the years. Now I complementary wrote some heavy metal lyrics... This is a song of love.“   Guitarist Esa Holopainen adds: “
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