Rolex Fastnet Race 2023 at Hurst Castle | Lively conditions, gusting Force 9.

Hundreds of yachts set off from Cowes in the 50th edition of the Fastnet Race which was first sailed in 1925 by seven boats. The wind was already around force 6-7, gusting 8, when the multihulls went through the Hurst narrows and rose to 8 gusting 9 when the smaller yachts arrived. Coupled with a change in the tide direction, so having wind-over-tide, this resulted in some lively conditions after 3pm (8 minutes on the video). These were tough conditions for the smaller boats and some can be seen returning to the Solent in the video. Pip Hare’s ’Medallia’ is also seen returning - whilst apparently having difficulty with a furler - but they were shortly able to head west once more. Yachts seen in this video include: Banque Populaire Lazartigue Solidaires En Peloton Komifo - Ocean Fifty 29 FRA 35 FRA 04 FRA 11 Charal Apivia por MACIF For People FRA 17 Bureau Vallee FRA 53 Morpheus 2199 Fortinet Medallia FRA 888 SUI 49 Tea
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