Laura Branigan - Self Control - All Night Fuji (1984)

The American actress, songwriter, singer, recording artist and Grammy nominated pop vocalist, Laura Branigan (July 3, 1952 - August 26, 2004) performing her biggest international hit and 80’s anthem “Self Control“ of her homonym third studio album released by Atlantic Records in April 1984. This video is one of my favorites for its rarity. It was filmed under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City to be broadcasted on “All Night Fuji“, a popular Japanese TV show in the mid-1980s. Laura performs outdoor with break dancers* behind her and a panoramic view of the great city in the background. It seems like a winter day, windy and drizzle. The scene is really very atypical so I like it even more. I’m very happy this very special video is viral and continues amazingly growing in views. Laura deserves it. 💗 Thank you so much to everyone!! 🤗 Keep enjoying and sharing!! ✊ *⚠ Attention! | Please, if anyone knows or has any inform
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