Become REALLY Fast in Excel With These Shortcuts! - YouTube

Learn Excel Shortcuts to make you an expert-level excel user. These are useful for anybody working in an excel-based role such as consulting, investment banking, finance, or accounting. 🆓 DOWNLOAD Free Excel file for this video: In this video we cover the most useful excel shortcuts. The rookie level shortcuts will be on basic ctrl key shortcuts to navigate around a workbook. These include ctrl up, ctrl shift up, ctrl pageup etc. In the amateur level, we’ll use formatting shortcuts such as ctrl 1 and the paste special feature. Then, in the expert level, we’ll introduce the alt key shortcuts, which are an advanced feature which allows you to reach virtually any key without using the mouse. Lastly, in the sensei level, we’ll go over the quick access toolbar, which allows you to customize your excel shortcuts so you can reach them more easily. And throughout, we’ll use Formula 1 teams as analogies to f
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