Mattafix - Living Darfur (With Intro By John Legend)

You may never know, If you lay low, lay low. The music video, funded by Mick Jagger and set in a refugee camp, aims to raise awareness for Darfur and catch the attention of the United Nations. It was released on 16 September 2007, which is “Global Day for Darfur“. The video was shot in Eastern Chad on the border of Darfur. Matt Damon makes a brief cameo in the video. “Living Darfur“ (also known as “Living“) is the first single from Mattafix's album Rhythm and Hymns, released in 2007. The beginning of the song sounds similar to a part of Madonna's song “Mother and Father“, taken from her 2003 release American Life. The Zulu part of the song is a sample of South African song “Umagubane“ by Chico It goes “Indoda Yami nantsi la ilele khona/Indoda yami ubaba wabantwana bam/ Mina nezingane zami sohlala simkhumbula (My man, this is where he lies/My man, the father of my kids/My kids and I will always miss him. Released September 7, 2007 (Digital) October 22, 2007 (Physical) Format Digital download
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