#PRon Nataly Gold - The Slut Throat Abuse (9/12/17)

#Pron #Throat #Fucking #Gag #Reflex #Blow #Jobs #Face #Fucking #Swallowing #drooling #Bondage #Extreme #Girlfriend #Brutal #Rope #Bondage Andy discovers during his birthday party that his girlfriend is a slut… she betrays him. He asks his friends to help him to punish her. So they make her drink a lot, before to leave Andy alone with her in their house. Andy takes advantage on her, drunk, and ties her with a rope to the bed, blindfolded and with a tape on her mouth. Then he leaves the apartment. When he comes back few hours later, he finds her awaked. So he faces her, asking for some explanations. She doesn’t answer anything, cause is clear she is feeling guilty. Andy tells her he is going not to treat her like his girlfriend anymore, but as a slut. SLUT is even written on her body, with red lipstick. Andy compels her ti suck his dick deepthroat. He merciless fucks her throat, stuffing his dick all the way down, pushing her face and nose on his tummy. She has gag reflex, with a huge amount of saliva. But he
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