How to sew a High Waist Pencil Skirt

Darts on the front and back bodice Back pocket Front zipper Front vent Main fabric : No information in details The white strip is just a “PP strap“ that is often used for packing work. This is in order not to slide while sewing (sewing gap). When the thickness of the fabric is different, the pressure of the presser foot and the feed dog are not stable. Putting this tape means adding the height, this is very useful. It is also used for stitch guide. (20:30) This tool is called “loop turner“. (28:08) This white strip is hard interfacing that is usually used for waist band. It is in order not to slide while sewing (sewing gap) same as the strip above.(01:26:40) 1 needle sewing machine : DDL-5571N JUKI 1 needle overlock sewing machine : MO-3604 JUKI
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