Similarities Between Ossetian and Persian

In this video, we compare some of the similarities between Ossetian and Persian. The Ossetian people are an Iranian ethnic group indigenous to the Caucasus. They are the only Christian-majority Iranian group today. Their language, Ossetian, is an Eastern Iranian language. The Ossetians are the descendants of the Alans, an ancient Iranian nomadic pastoral people. Many of the Alans migrated westwards along with various Germanic tribes and eventually assimilated into different European nations, but a small number of those who remained and survived the Mongol invasions are said to be the modern Ossetians. The Alans spoke an Eastern Iranian language which in turn evolved into the modern Ossetian language that shares a lot of similarities with other Iranian languages. As mentioned in the video, be sure to check out the Iranian Farn for more similar content:  The Persian language (Farsi) is also an ancient language which has had a huge amount of impact on other languages and cultures, mainly the Middle East, as well as Central and South Asia. Classified as one of the Western Iranian languages, Persian holds official status in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. Persian has strongly influenced many different languages, including numerous Turkic languages, as well as well as Armenian, Georgian, and many languages in the Indian subcontinent. Persian has a long history of literature and it was notable for being the first language in the Muslim world to break through Arabic’s monopoly on writing. The Persian language has also influenced the Arabic language, although the impact of Arabic on Persian has been higher. But the influence of Persian in the Muslim world has been strong since the early days of Islam. It was even established as a court tradition instead of Arabic under many ruling Muslim dynasties.  If you speak a language that has not been featured on our channel and would like to participate in a future video, and/or if you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us on Instagram:
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