I put Robin’s Song in the new Genshin animated shorts and it hit SO HARD

Cry harder Music I used in this video: EP: If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking | Honkai: Star Rail Official Genshin Impact Media Socials: Official Website: Official Community: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Reddit: Official Honkai StarRail Media Social HoYoLAB: Facebook: Twitter: Discord: Instagram: TikTok: @honkaistarrai... Reddit: You can reach me through the link down below Buy me a coffee Give a like and share this video to your friend, cause it mean a lot for me :D Give me your comment on what your thought about my video, so I can know and improve what video should i make in the future And Thanks for watching #GenshinImpact #Hoyoverse #Aether #Lumine #Robin
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