Mr. Brightside | Jung-hwan, Deok-sun & Taek (Reply 1988)

“But it’s just the price I pay, destiny is calling me...“ _________________________________________________ It’s so rare that a show comes along that has me rooting for every ship, falling in love with every character and investing myself in every friendship. Reply 1988 has captured me so completely within the past few weeks that editing this video felt like an emotional release. I love Taek and Deok-sun. I love Jung-hwan and Deok-sun. I love Taek and Jung-hwan! This was one of the most agonizing love triangles I’ve ever witnessed merely because of how deeply all three of these characters loved each other and how they all, in their own way, sacrificed their happiness at times to ensure that their friendship survived in spite of their personal feelings. I’m extremely satisfied with how it resolved and believe it makes complete sense but it’s also bittersweet, for obvious reasons if you’ve seen the show. #reply1988 #fanvidfeed #kdrama #hyeri #parkbogum #ryujunyeol
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