Winter Bushcraft - WIKIUP Shelter - 3 Days ALONE in WINTER Forest - BUSHCRAFT Trip & Skills - ASMR

Winter bushcraft WIKIUP Shelter - In this video, you will see a three-day hike into the winter forest without a tent or stove. A bushcraft shelter called Wikiap will be built. The skills of bushcraft and woodworking will also be applied: Making a fire using materials collected in the forest, preparing firewood for the night, cooking over a fire, making a wooden door and a tripod with a suspension. I will show you how to make a rope from a piece of branch. On the first day I got to my winter camping place. I chose a place to build Wikiap so that there were enough dead trees nearby to build this bushcraft shelter. First of all, I assembled the flooring from the poles and covered it with spruce branches. So the size of the shelter is immediately clear and you don’t have to redo it. After that, I collected poles in the area - dead fallen trees and build the Wikiap frame. Lower dying branches of spruce - spruce branches were used as a covering material. I had to hurry up with the construction, bec
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