Secret Opal Mine Worth Millions?

Finally after years of planning we have officially got our own mine up and running on a brand new opal field! For years we have heard story’s of amazing black opal finds and now here we are ready to chase the millions! With the help of Rod and Les we got the claim set up and ready to be worked. Jc did an amazing job belling out in some horribly cramped conditions. The opal we found was definitely exciting and we cannot wait for a second trip back to find even more! We hope you all enjoyed the video! A special thanks goes out to our sponsor for the video Opal Auctions who made all this possible! They have an amazing website filled with everything Opal and we couldn’t recommend them enough! So make sure you head over via the link below and check out the website! It is the place we sell our opal and where all the best opal is sold! All the best and thanks for watching!
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