Ayaka Lucky Dance (Specialist) - Genshin Impact

Good luck and I hope everyone can get the character they want. Song From: Persona 4: Dancing All Night ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: Facial meshes: YYB, miHoYo Model: miHoYo Model ripping: Ailephi Model convert: Impmagik Animation: Atlus Motion convert: MrPolarbear Camera: MrPolarbear and Seto Facials: Seto ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Green Screen: Particle Effect: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Editing Software: MikuMikuDance Adobe Premiere Adobe Photoshop This is a Parody video. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- All the videos, songs, images, and graphics used in the video belong to their respective owners and I or this channel does not claim any right over them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- #ayaka #genshinimpact #ayakagenshin #speci
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