. - Elasia (Hi-Res Audio, 4K-Ultra-HD)

M. A. A is a trio from Finland founded in 2015 with a melodic rock/metal principle: “Everything is done by yourself“. Members of the band are long-line music makers, including the following configurations: Afterworld, Ghost Machinery, Solution 13, AOR Speedwagon, Nortia, not forgetting numerous studio projects with different artists. “Elasia“ is an electronic-ambient genre song (released on 01/04/2017 ) and appears in their album Pure Chillout. Links: “First video of the New Year.. and it should be something really special with symbolisms and positive meaning. A Man.. A Woman.. and A Boy.., all connected by a mystic aura and by my inspiration :) which mix past, present and future in a unique and interesting I hope way. The music is as special as it seems to be from its name and the result.. I hope to be like I planned it for your senses. Happy New Year 2020 and Never Be Shy With The Volum
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