Side Turkey - Travel Guide

Side Turkey Turkey - The Most Beautiful Places To Visit Side is a true outdoor museum on the southern coast of Turkey is one of the most famous historical settlements, located between Manavgat and the village of Selimiye, at 78 kilometers away from Antalya. Whether you are staying in Antalya or in another resort, you can visit Side if you rent a car or you take one of the Turkish minibusses (called dolmus) that transport tourists between resorts. From the seashore, you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the Taurus Mountains, They are watching the town. Following the beach trail, you reach in a few minutes towards narrow streets, colorful terraces, hospitable merchants who urge you to buy a small souvenir or invite you to eat and taste the Turkish or the Mediterranean dishes. The buildings are in big contrast with the ruins of the old city, and the commercial combines with the antiquity and with the old Side stories. Also, you can
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