BIGMAMA “The Naked King -What a Beautiful Life-“ (short film)

Music : BIGMAMA “The Naked King -What a Beautiful Life-“ Director : rapparu Japanese version : AppleMusic Spotify other site Producer : Osamu Shinomiya Character Design, Story Board, Animation, Background Art, Editing : rapparu Inbetween : Ashitaka Special Thanks : Honeyjelly The music video is an animated short film produced by Rapparu, one of the many filmmakers in the modern international spotlight. After collaborating on CRYSTAL CLEAR in 2017, this is the second collaboration between Rapparu and BIGMAMA. Rapparu’s interpretation of the song brings a different perspective to the theme in this fully animated short film. ----------------------------------------- One day Basilis, a devil jealous of the human world and society, falls from the sky. Van, a young boy, helps the devil up from the sea he dove into. The beautiful but fragile story woven by Basilis and Berg, starting from the encounter betwe
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