Hania Rani - Music For Film and Theatre: Chapter 2 - Prayer - from xAbo: Father Boniecki

Listen & Pre-order: — ’Music for Film and Theatre’ on Ltd LP/CD/DL – out now The 2nd single from the upcoming release ’Music for Film and Theatre is called ’Prayer’. The song was composed for the movie ’xAbo: Father Boniecki’ directed by Aleksandra Potoczek in the beginning of 2020. The film tells a story about the old, wise man, who happened to also be a well known priest - one of the last ones to preach the sometimes uncomfortable truth about the condition of faith and empathy among people, but also in the church. The track accompanies the moment of solitude, when he is left alone just with his thoughts and prayers. “I strongly believe that there is nothing wrong about being alone, that there is a positive side of solitude - solitude that brings us more towards ourselves and gives us time to see things from the distance, not directed just by emotions of the moment. I understand solitude as a ray of light, as an opportunity for discovering a very new world
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