The TRUTH about the Ultimasaurus - Invincible or Epic Fail?

The Ultimasaurus is portrayed as an invincible force of nature put together using no other than the strongest hervibores and most fierce carnivores. But was this animal actually the menace it was portrayed to be? or was this animal too overrated? In this episode we will break down this hybrid and uncover how it would use its plethora of weapons to maximum power... or minimum effectiveness. Watch till the end to see what surprise we have in store for this episode. Subscribe and make sure to hit that bell Icon for more fun Jurassic Related videos! Merch Store Here Special thanks to @EvolutionSquare For Providing JWE Footage for this episode. Go subscribe to them and tell them Goji sent ya! Also HUGE thanks to W_rex 91 for providing an epic Ultimasaurus rex model true to its toy figurine. Go follow him here And another MASSIVE Thanks to Jack Blackburn (Research Consultant) And Riamus for bringing Ultimasaurus Imperatrix to life and allowing us to share it with you guys. Check out Jack Blackburn’s Novel Here Description: “70 million years ago in what will one day become Mongolia, a successor to Velociraptor faces struggle after struggle. Times have grown cold and her eggs need constant care, and constant guard. How does a wolf sized raptor survive in the shadows of giants? How does she adapt to changing climates or circumstance? And what happens when a threat from her own past finds her new home? Find out in the story, and then find out the science behind the animals and their enigmatic behaviors in the second half of this book that seeks to marry entertainment and education. By story and the multitude of illustrations, this is dinosaurs as some might have never seen them before!“
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