XXIX - Thomas GATTO (Acoustic version)

9, December It all had started from the night, from the sky, from the star, 29 Under flashlight, dim yellow shine After going through the live, through the lie to sunrise,  and Straight forward for  curve line analysis like I’m counting KPI But.. Like the shot in my heart I’ ve get out of my mind To sweat dreams and Brave New world Is that alright or 9 crimes ? Now I think it’s just youth*** (just part of life) I have not to find truth*** (purpose’s enough) Little bit drunk , was on groove*** (so rich, so wild) It feels like vibe of dark blues*** (feels so alive) I wanted to lay but you let me to dance U will steppin’ the toes when you’re leading tandem you always should move for the beautifull flex often want to hold on to your back I mean past Pull your face to my chest you could listen my breath Try to hide everything what can hurt you or break I disturbed u instead and it was just mistake Pain as addiction help get it .. my blame ! It sounds like tragedy, but its sipping on wine It so so sharp, i can see truth on base of the glass I was withered like bones, numb like linkin park Want to sing “last resort” but say “no time to die” I no longer eat sugar and drop him from my line Like in “limitless” I clean my home and my life now Just important thing i want tell and discuss U can get what I mean, cos this track about us hear again “nevermore” raven of Allan Poe like the care of big brother Who kill all what i love His black coat with red clouds My name in honor of God Of the moon such as Indra should heal hate in the heart like the hero of Nietzsche I’ve started to dance coming down from the mountain look like middle-earth’s king you are difficult person it should be just like that Persephone Gera Aphrodite and Daphne and my self-esteem can be high can be low Theese opposites are in my head neighborhoods Like doctor Hoffsteader and Cooper, you know How much movie and books are similar with my soul? Well, you know I start fume when i was just 8 I talk about music as smoke of loneliness and pain I Inhaled killstation, bones, brennan savage Through filter. Exhaled new meaning, new track. Howewer when I felt ugly me seems Del Rey was full alright I mean that summer is sadness, there are no briliant and diamonds I try to find them on sky line but all i get was the sign of times like the song of Garry, like Potter looking for something I think that power is magic, I think relationship is funny and pleasure make me feel happy forever such is a paradise infinity tsukuiomi but i get will of the fire , you could call me someone who love you, remember me i am starting
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