Pro Chefs Make Their 6 Favorite Potato Recipes | Chef Notes | Bon Appétit

Almost everyone has a preferred way to cook and eat potatoes, one of the most versatile ingredients a chef could ask for. On today’s Chef Notes our panel of 6 pros make their favorite potato recipes, from crispy smashed potatoes and potato chips to a Salad Niçoise and hearty potato pierogi. -- 0:00 Introduction 0:23 Chris’ Crispy Smashed Potatoes 3:29 Samantha’s Baked Potato 5:15 Susan’s Potato Chips 8:11 Brad’s Salad Niçoise 10:41 Rawlston’s Potato Salad 12:15 Harold’s Potato Pierogi -- Director: Jeff Kornberg  Editors: Robert Malone (Editor) / Paul Tael (AE) Director of Photography: Ben Dewey & Kevin Dynia Producer: Amanda Veitia Associate Producer: Ness Kleino Culinary Producer: Graciel Caces Culinary Assistant: Jessica Do  Camera Operator: Eric Brouse & Andrew Nowak Audio: Kurt Seery Post Production Supervisor: Stephanie Cardone Associate Director, Post Production: Nicole Berg Director of Talent: Carolyn Gagnon Bon Appetit Video Team June Kim  Ali Inglese  Dan Siegel  Rho
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