Going Bad 😈 & Bank Account 💰 | PROJECTFILE AT 500 LIKES (Client Work)

Client: Get my editing pack!!: Commissions Open!! What to expect 1440p in 60 fps 1-4 days to receive the video Socials Twitter: @skarvfx Instagram: @skarvfx_ No price negotiations. If you cannot pay then don’t DM IGNORE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to edit like numby and Clerke Crr, Mitro and Mongraal type edits, sony vegas fortnite edit, fortnite how to edit, how to edit montages like numby, how to edit montages like clerke,how to edit montages like rockit, sony vegas advanced fortnite montage editing, how to edit like naiv, how naiv edit, how i edit my videos, how to edit montages, how to edit highlight videos, how to edit highlight ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- fortnitecontroller season 2, fortnite controller sensitivity x and y,
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