8 Year Old Gorilla Is Never Too Old To Get A Slap From Mum

Gorilla Lope, the western lowland gorilla from the Twycross Zoo is annoying his mum again. In the first clip from earlier in the year, he looks like he might be holding open the door for mum, but no, he decides to run and slide down the hill instead. He then sits on the grass, drumming on his chest. The rest of the clips are from this month. Lope does one of his usual things hits something a charges/runs. This time to annoy Ozala again. Then he hits the hut and sits down. He walks down the slope, then starts to run towards his mother slapping her. He continues to annoy his mum by staring at her and having a little charge past her. Ozala sits down and has something to eat and giving Lope the evil eye to the side. Lope starts staring again, Ozala seems to ignore him, but when Lope makes another move she has enough and leaps at him and gives him a whack. Lope disappears around the hut, but has one more charge past his mum. They walk off, Shufai on the left minding his own business. #Sl
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