2PM Just For Today ENG SUB + ROM + HAN HD

2pm just for today eng sub and romanization and hangul hd 2pm just for today eng subbed 1. 하.니.뿐 (** Stands for 하루종일 니생각뿐 = All Day I Think of You) Lyrics/Composed: JYP / Rap Making: JYP & Taecyeon 2. 이노래를 듣고 돌아와 (Listen to This Song and Come Back)Lyrics/Composed: JYP / Rap: Taecyeon 3. 원점으로 (Back to Square One) Lyrics/Composed: Hong Jisang & Lee Junho 4. I'm Sorry Lyrics/Composed: Dokebi / Rap: Taecyeon
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