Manly man song

its 13 February, tomorrow is kinda lady “send me a postcard with “roses are red“ poem“ day, so let today be MANLY day ! Feel Manly my Friends ! if you have questions or wishes, dont ask in comments, i cant read ans answer them all :( write me a PM on YouTube, or Facebook or twitter thanks goes to Vincent, for killing my grammar Mistakes, and to for creating to my the dinosaur Pic :) (reasons for delay = before Christmas system crash : i must re install all, lost actual project data, was pissed and demotivated :/ also i wanted to get Irish fiddle sound, but my keyboard was not able to produce that good enough, so Piano it must be. Text : i am a manly man, im manlier than the women (the most) i can drink true entire night and still be ready to fight i’m not afraid of hard work i can eat s
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