Etude - J. Sagreras 1 month progress/ Этюд - Х. Сагрерас прогресс с 0 до 1 месяца. (3658 h.)

I’m testing the theory with 10,000 hours of guitar practice. 22 months worked every day for 5 hours . In this video, I showed the progress of the study of J. Sagreras from zero to 1 month. I spent 30-60 minutes every day on this etude, for 30 days. Evaluate the results. If you just want to watch the sketch, then the time code is 3:57, but it will be more interesting to watch from the beginning! The video shows gradual progress without unnecessary water. Проверяю теорию 10,000 часов занимаясь на гитаре. 2
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