Montreux 2013 SHOW 3 (HD)

Prince in guitar god mode with 3rd eye girl. Please LIKE & ***SUBSCRIBE*** for more rare, high quality videos and great music. 3-1 Thunderstorm Intro 3-2 Let’s Go Crazy (Reloaded) / Frankenstein 3-3 Endorphinmachine 3-4 Screwdriver 3-5 She’s Always In My Hair 3-6 The Love We Make 3-7 I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (Blues Version) 3-8 Guitar 3-9 Plectrumelectrum 3-10 FixUrLifeUp 3-11 Bambi 3-12 Sometimes It Snows In April 3-13 The Max 3-14 Cause And Effect 3-15 Band Members Introduction 3-16 When We’re Dancing Close And Slow 3-17 Play That Funky Music 3-18 Dreamer 3-19 The Breakdown Featuring [Feat.] – The NPG Hornz Sampler Set: Note the sampler set have been edited due to copyrights. 3-20 When Doves Cry 3-21 Nasty Girl 3-22 Alphabet St. 3-23 Sign O’ The Times Featuring [Feat.], Soloist [Saxophone Solo], Saxophone – Marcus Anderson 3-24 Hot Thing Featuring [Feat.], Soloist [Saxophone Solo],
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