Italo Disco Hit 80s - Vol 5 #italodisco

Italo Disco Hit 80s - Vol 5 Yo fam! 🎉 Get ready to be teleported straight to the vibes of the past with this killer Italo Disco Hit 80s - Vol 5 by Bass Fun! 🕺💃 If you’re lookin’ to relive the golden days of Italo Disco or discover what made the 80s so iconic, then you’ve hit the jackpot, homie! 🎰 We’ve got those shimmering synths, snappy snares, and ultra-groovy basslines that defined Italo Disco 80s hits! 🎶 It’s not just any Italo Disco; this is Italo Disco Hit 80s - Vol 5, packed with pure FIRE! 🔥 You seriously don’t wanna miss out on this wave. 🌊 Make sure you SMASH that like button, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more of these Italo Disco 80s bangers! 👍 Ring that bell 🛎️ so you never miss out on another nostalgic trip with Bass Fun! Comment below what your favorite Italo Disco tracks from the 80s are! Let’s create a mega playlist of Italo Disco 80s hits together! 📀🎵 Italo Disco Hit 80s is more than a genre; it’s a lifestyle. 🌟 So put on your best dancing shoes, slap on some neon, and get ready to groove to Bass Fun’s Italo Disco Hit 80s - Vol 5! 🕺💃 💰 Purchase BPM: 126 ✅ Subscribe Here! : 🔔 Click On The Bell Turn On Notifications Dark Piano Type Beat Italo Disco Hit 80s - Vol 5 Music: Bass Fun® ❤️ Produced by: Bass Fun (C) 2023 Bass Fun Video by: Bass Fun Studio Foto by: Bass Fun ❔❗FAQ: 1.[FREE] It means you are allowed to download my beat free for non-profit/non-commercial use only. All free beats can solely be used for non-profitable, non-commercial projects. It’s obligatory to credit me in the title and description (prod. BASS FUN) You must also credit me: (prod. Bass Fun) for all uses of the beat online (SC, YouTube, IG, etc.) for non-profit and for-profit usage. Keep in mind to tag @bassfunofficial when posting. case you want to make profit with my track Please, consider - before releasing your song, you must purchase a licence which is suitable for yourself. No other alternatives are in effect without my prior consent. ’s prohibited to register your song on BMI/ASCAP/WIPO/OMPI or any worldwide copyright organization or any other Content ID system. This is only available after you have acquired an exclusive license.🆔™️ © Follow BassFunMusic Tik Tok Spotify Youtube Facebook Instagram Twitter Soundcloud VK Email: bassfunmusic@ My Playlists: All Beats All Songs Beats Pop Beats 80s Beats Funky Beats Hip Hop Shorts Studio Productions Studio 🎸 My studio is a hybrid of analog and digital domain. The DAW I use is Cubase 10.5 and Logic Pro. I also use the range of plugins such brands as: Plugin Alliance,UAD-2,Sonnox, Acustica Audio,Softube, Slate Digital,Spectrasonics,Toontrack,Arturia. I love working with analogs so on daily basis I use hardware instruments such as Akai MPCX,Roland System-8, Moog Subsequent 37,Roland Integra 7,Virus TI 2 and my beloved Kawai piano, which is the beginning of everything. Depending on the song style and what I want to achieve I often apply analog summing out of my PC. The signal goes out the ADC through 4 groups towards TSM Tube Summing Mixer. Some productions don’t need analog summing but then audio tracks are recorded with the use of analog compressors such as lamp Monster c or Tegeler Magnetismus 2 just to give them a smooth sum polishing with analog CREME Tegeler Audio. BIO ❤️ I’m a versatile producer who’s able to create melodies, lyrics or great sounding Pop, EDM, Deep House or Tropical music. I’ve been a pro for over 15 years. Over that span I made hundreds of recordings and remixes for the wide range of labels e.g Universal Music Group, Spinnin’ Records, Magic Records, Top Hit. I really enjoy my everyday studio work. I specialise in Pop production so if you’re a solo artist looking for a great song that’s a perfect match.I can play piano, sax and I know my way around radios and I can create a smashing hit for the radio charts. I get the unique sound of my productions by combining analog an digital mixing and final master, just like top rank producers I also use high-perfomance analog hardware Eqs and compressors. ✅ Subscribe! 🔔 Click On The Bell Turn On Notifications. All feedback is appreciated. Like the video if you enjoyed. Thanks for watching :) Italo Disco Hit 80s - Vol 5 #disco80s #italodisco80s #italohits
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