Shuffle Dance + ♫ Feel The Fire (SN Studio Remix) ♫

Eurodance Remix ♫ Feel The Fire (SN Studio Remix) ♫ Shuffle Dance Video Яндекс Дзен Original by Masterboy #eurodance #shuffle #snstudio Dancers: Elena Cruz Vanesa Seco Sterling Torres Ciara Cici Tori Nishino Laurencorazza Shira Argaman and others Eurodance is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in the late 1980s in Europe. It combines many elements of hip hop, techno, Hi-NRG, house music, and Euro disco. This genre of music is heavily influenced by the use of rich melodic vocals, sometimes with rapped verses. This, combined with cutting-edge synthesizers, strong bass rhythm and melodic hooks, establishes the core foundation of Eurodance music. The channel is created for the publication of remixes and musical compositions accompanied by a unique video series created and edited by SN Studio Mix. Subscribe and rate videos in your comments. Support the channel – like it. Enjoy watching
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