EAZY - Horse Of Steel (Official Video)

„Horse Of Steel“ is speeding towards the release of our album “Crank it up!“. Get the first EAZY songs here: Vocals: Julia Ivanova Guitar & Backing Vocals: Mickey Rush Guitar: Flash Thomson Bass: Leo Schreier Drums: Sam Gabriel Make-Up: Julia Ivanova Styling: Julia Ivanova, Elena Kreuzberger Video Production: Tamás Künsztler Productions Audio Production: Matthias Reithofer Location: Far Beyond Recording Thanks to Mikky Slade & Ruth Allegra Martinez for lending us their Horse Of Steel. #EAZY​ #HORSEOFSTEEL #HARDROCK #EAZYROCKS​​ #OFFICIALVIDEO​ LYRICS Just woke up beside a memory from last night Seems like I have done it once again I don’t know why, I don’t know how or what I’ve done is right But I feel just the same I’ll never find Replacement for the kind of excitemen
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