Pt. ① Master Masahiko Kimura’s Bonsai Garden 2019

“Master Kimura’s work is among the most famous and important of contemporary Bonsai in Japan. His new and radical approach to how he styled Bonsai was first seen as breaking with (too) many traditions, but soon he was widely recognized and respected. His garden is like a museum and anyone interested in Japanese Bonsai will recognize at least half his collection from magazines and websites. Needless to say, this is one garden you should not miss! Masahiko Kimura specialized in Shimpaku Junipers and his most famous and award winning trees are mostly of this species. In the garden you will find a lot of pine trees as well, but only very few deciduous trees. Many of the current and upcoming Bonsai experts in Europe and the USA were apprentices at mr. Kimura, including Ryan Neil.“ From: #rometokyooneway #kimurabonsaigarden #japanesebonsai
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