EDU FALASCHI l Full Concert l Temple Of Shadows In Concert

Subscribe, Active Notifications and leave your LIKE please! Apoie esse canal! Inscreva-se, ative as notificações e deixe seu like! Website: Merchandising: Facebook: Instagram: @edu_falaschi Music Video & Concert executive production by Edu Falaschi We are very proud to provide the full concert “Edu Falaschi - Temple Of Shadows In Concert“, that was performed with excellence by Edu Falaschi, Aquiles Priester, Fabio Laguna, Raphael Dafras, Diogo Mafra and Roberto Barros, in addition to the glorious presence of the Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by the legendary conductor João Carlos Martins, with the arrangements of the great Maestro Adriano Machado! It was a memorable night that celebrated the 15th anniversary of the album “Temple Of Shadows“! This tribute had many special guests such as Kai Hansen, Michael Vescera, Sabine Edelsbacher, Guilherme Arantes and Tiago Mineiro! Thank you very much for providing us the opportunity to realize this beautiful dream! 1- Beethoven 5th Symphony| 00:12 2- Gate XIII| 06:44 3- Deus Le Volt| 11:22 4- Spread Your Fire| 12:10 5- Angels And Demons| 16:42 6- Waiting Silence| 21:00 7- Wishing Well| 26:45 8- The Temple Of Hate (Ft. Kai Hansen)| 33:03 9- The Shadow Hunter| 38:42 10- No Pain For The Dead (Ft. Sabine Edelsbacher)| 47:57 11- Winds Of Destination (Ft. Michael Vescera)| 54:09 12- Sprouts Of Time (Ft. Tiago Mineiro)| 01:02:00 13- Morning Star |01:07:33 Agradecimento ao maestro João Carlos Martins| 01:15:20 14- Late Redempetion (Ft. Guilherme Arantes)| 01:17:12 15- Planeta Água (Ft. Guilherme Arantes)| 01:22:33 16- Vivaldi Summer (Ft. Roberto Barros)| 01:28:43 17- Streets Of Florence| 01:31:29 18- The Glory Of The Sacred Truth| 01:35:30 Apresentação da banda| 01:40:00 19- Rebirth| 01:45:40 20- In Excelsis| 01:51:09 21- Nova Era| 01:52:00 22- Fim/agradecimentos e créditos| 01:57:47 Executive Producer Edu Falaschi Main Endorsement by YEP TV Management Juan Corral Directors Junior Carelli & Rudge Campos Special Guests Maestro João Carlos Martins Guilherme Arantes Kai Hansen Michael Vescera Sabine Edelsbacher Tiago Mineiro Percussion Marcus Cesar Audio Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Vainio in Finland Artistic Development Edu Falaschi Juan Corral Music Direction Edu Falaschi Orquestral Arrangements Adriano Machado Maestros João Carlos Martins Adriano Machado Ricardo Massahaku Fukuda Orchestra Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra Editing Fusão Studio Thiago Bianchi Douglas Dogão Director of Photography Junior Carelli & Rudge Campos Assistant Director Yale Oliveira Video Production Foggy Filmes Videographers Yale Oliveira Thiago Biizzarro Felipe Scapaturra Renato Leme Thiago Marcondes Willian Campos Willian Paiva Antonio Xexa Guilherme Antunes Guilherme Consiglio Paulinho Zeca Rafael Guandolin Vinicius Amano Renan Paiva Make Up Artist Niandra Costa Video Engineering Felype Sotonyi Production Assistants Felipe Cremogema Alexandre Abreu Boka Stella de Almeida Campos Production Foggy Filmes Co Production RGB / Marc films Technical Management Arthur Bevilacqua Stage manager Arthur Bevilacqua Stage manager assistant Leo Soares Paulo Sotero F O H engineer Ricardo Oliveira Monitor engineer Rodrigo Silveira Light designer Mike Scherer Guitar tech Vitor Souza Drum tech Ramon Cruz Artwork Carlos Fides - Artside Studio All Photos by Fábio Augusto (Fortinho) Endorsements YepTv Don Vito Bakery Elixir Casa Geraldo Road Log Sennheiser Live Audio Recorded by Audiomobile Recording eng. Andre “Kbelo“ Sangiacomo Assistant eng. Lucas Silva and Valter Pinha. Endorsement ANTARES Video Motion & Light Design Video Technician & VJ Raul Rodrigues Tresseno “VJ HAOO“ LED Panel Video Content Artistic Direction Patrick Oliveira Raul Rodrigues Tresseno Scripting Raul Rodrigues Tresseno Illustration “Quinho“ Marcos Borges Filho Animation and Visual Effects Patrick Oliveira Diego Cintra Raul Rodrigues Tresseno SHOW LED PAINEL INFOS: Company: ANTARES ANTARES Video Motion & Light Design Video Technician & VJ Raul Rodrigues Tresseno “VJ HAOO“ LED Panel Video Content Direção Artística - Artistic Direction Patrick Oliveira Raul Rodrigues Tresseno Roteirização -Scripting Raul Rodrigues Tresseno Ilustração - Illustration “Quinho“ Marcos Borges Filho Animação e Efeitos Visuais - Animation and Visual Effects Patrick Oliveira Diego Cintra Raul Rodrigues Tresseno #EduFalaschi #powermetal #music #Maestrojoaocarlosmartins #orchestra #orquestra #show #heavymetal #rock #musica #music #templeofshadows #templeofshadowsinconcert #joaocarlosmartins #aquilespriester #maestro #entertainment #guilhermearantes #kaihansen #michaelvescera #sabineedelsbacher #violin #cello
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