Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra | Latest best video | Chariots Festival | Джаганнатха Пури Ратх Ятра

Ratha Yatra, also referred to as Rathayatra, Rathjatra or the Festival of Chariots is a major festival at Puri in India, which is celebrated with much gusto and fervour. The Puri Ratha Yatra festival is based around the worship of Lord Jagannath, a reincarnation of lords Vishnu and Krishna. The most revered and much-awaited Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra is scheduled to begin from June 23, Thursday 2020. However, this year due to the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic, the Centre has left the decision of holding the Rath Yatra upon the state government after analysing the current health scare. But it has allowed the construction of the Raths (chariots) for the religious procession amid the nationwide shutdown. Therefore the Rath construction in Puri has begun. Джаганнатха Ратха ятра - это 15-дневный индуистский праздник, посвященный Лорду Джаганнатха, который проводится в Пури в штате Одиша, который отмечается с большим удовольствием и размахом. Один из главных праздников в вайшнавской традиции индуиз
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