winx fairy bod.

🧿 BENEFITS; - narrow, dainty, skinny shoulders - narrow, 5inch ribcage with safe organs - round, ideal boobs - small waist and flat belly obv - immune to bloating and gaining weight - round, perfect, wide hips - long, 80%, skinny legs with a thigh gap - basically a winx fairy body 🎐 affs are looped 2 times. ๑ I listen my own subs therefore I’m safe. ๑If you raise to the full volume, you can hear affs too But i would recommend to hear at a low volume ALSO, I TAKE FREE REQUESTS °•° SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SHARE ´⌓` stfu because you got it already Comment your suggestions and recommendations I’ll make next sub according to your need. 💕 THANKS‼️
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