$1599 Coffee Table from pallet blocks and resin!

I made a Pallet Coffee Table from pallet blocks and sold it to a customer. I used only pallet blocks, wood glue, epoxy, tabletop oil and danish oil. Continue watching my videos on this playlist: I hate asking for your subscription, but I put a lot of effort into making these videos, and if you have gotten any value from watching the video, then please subscribe to the channel. It helps me out a lot. Thanks. Click here: My Safety Eyewear in this video is from SafeStyle. They are made in Australia, but available worldwide. Click the links below to get 10% off and help me keep the lights on in my workshop: Safestyle Australia: Safestyle USA: I use TubeBuddy to manage my channel and A/B test titles and thumbnails. Free trial: I use royalty-free music from Epidemic Sound. Sign up with my link to get a 60-day free trial. I’m not affililated with any of the toolbrands I’m using in this video. Nobody paid me so say anything. However, I do like to support other creators, and often buy their merch. I do owe thanks to a lot of creators, I will try my best to feature you somehow in future videos. The way I like to feature other creators is by making some sort of cameo that’s relevant for the video I’m making, so I’m sorry if you send me your sticker hoping to get a shout-out. It could be a while before the right opportunity shows up for me. People I mention in the video (check them out) Dainer Made (all things pallet wood) DownUnder WoodWorks Fixit Fingers: Mind Matter Create (epoxy mixing and wood turning) Thank you all creators and people watching and commenting on my videos. I read all comments and will answer all. I learn a lot from the comments and will do my best to mention who gave me the good advice in future videos. Thank you. - Jesper Chapters 00:00 Why I’m making a pallet blocks coffee table for my wife 00:50 How to glue pallet blocks together 01:58 Fitting pallet blocks in a big puzzle 02:14 Gluing up a massive wood block 02:55 Shoutout to Dainer Made - all things pallet wood 03:11 Making a simple mold for an epoxy pour 04:03 Mixing epoxy resin tips & tricks 05:23 Shoutout to 3 creators 05:39 Flattening the table top with a router flattening jig 07:18 Wood burning 08:13 Fixing small gaps and cracks with epoxy resin 08:57 Applying wood finish
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