2.5 Hour Endocrine Cleanse Healing Meditation | 432Hz Scale Crystal Singing Bowls | 7 Chakras

🎟 Attend live or virtual sound bath shows 💖 Support us by following us on these services 👇 ➡️Try our Guided Meditations 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ ➡️Instagram 📸 ➡️Spotify 🎧 ➡️iTunes 🔊 ➡️Pandora, Amazon Music, website, & More 👉 #singingbowls #soundbath #sleep #meditation #study Welcome to Healing Vibrations! Due to high viewer request, we have finally put together a compilation of our entire Endocrine Cleanse series! We bring to you 2.5 luxurious hours of full system sound cleansing, permeating from our root to our crown with deep vibrational waves. At each video transition, instruction will be provided regarding how each note affects the different areas of the body, bringing an awareness and consciousness to how each frequency makes us feel. May we now take this time to completely surrender to the healing waves on this incredible crystal bowl journey. 00:00 Root Chakra - Adrenal Gland | Lower Abdomen | Coccyx | Perineum 20:00 Sacral Chakra - Reproductive System (Testicles | Ovaries | Bladder | Bowels) 40:13 Solar Plexus Chakra - Pancreas | Small Intestine 1:01:28 Heart Chakra - Heart | Thymus Gland 1:21:50 Throat Chakra - Thyroid Gland 1:44:16 Third Eye Chakra - Pineal Gland 2:08:29 Crown Chakra - Nervous System (Brain | Spinal Cord) Travis Schumacher is a professional Sound Bath therapist specializing in Crystal Singing Bowls. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Travis made his way to Thailand where studied the singing bowls, the art of Sound Healing, and other East Asian healing techniques. He now practices his therapy professionally in Seattle where he also works as a certified LMP massage therapist. 🥣🎶 Stream or buy our music on 👇 Spotify - Amazon Music - Amazon - Google Play - Apple Music - iTunes - 💖 Support us with a gift 👇 ➡️PayPal 🎁 ➡️Patreon ❤️ ➡️Become a ’member’ on YouTube ➡️Amazon wishlist 📝 Below we’ve shared links for the exact equipment we’re using! If you use the links below to purchase any equipment, a tiny portion of the sale 💰 goes to us to continue to fund our channel 💸 👇Our Gear👇🥣 Crystal Singing Bowls - Chimes - Rain Stick - Wind Chime - 👇Design👇 🕯🏮 Tea Lights - Salt Lamp - Singing Bowl Waterproof LEDs - Ocean Wave Projector - 👇Camera & Audio👇 🎥💡🎤 Mic - Audix SCX1HC Audio Recorder - H4N Pro Camera - Sony a7iii 4k Capable SD Card Lens - Sony FE 24-105mm G OSS Tripod - eImage GH05 Video Monitor - Bestview S7 4K Lights - Aputure 120D mark ii Diffusion - Aputure Light Dome II GoPro - 7 Black Drone - Mavic 2 Pro Micro SD for GoPro and Drone Stabilizer - Ready Rig GS Gimbal - DJI Ronin-M *Disclaimer* Healing Vibrations products and experiences are in no way a replacement for traditional medicine. We seek to facilitate mental and physical healing through techniques that are designed to calm and relax the body and create a state of mindfulness and reflection. Through relaxation and mindfulness, the human body’s natural healing processes are strengthened and accelerated.
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