Yoo Yeon Seok Daring Kisses Seo Hyun Jin|유연석, 서현진에 기습 키스! 《Dr. Romantic》 낭만닥터 EP01

Dr. Romantic 낭만닥터 EP01 20161107 SBS 유연석(강동주)은 서현진(윤서정)에게 갑작스레 키스를 한다. SBS Mon/Tues Medical drama ’Dr. Romantic’ features a real doctors life story about the oddball doctor, Kim Sa-bu(Han Suk Kyu) and young passionate doctor, Kang Dong Joo(Yoo Yeon Seok) and Yoon Seo Jung(Seo Hyun Jin) in Doldam hospital. ’Dr. Romantic’ is scheduled to premiere on Monday, Nov 7th at 22:00PM. ☞ Visit ’Dr. Romantic’ official website and get more information: ☞ Playlist for more ’Dr. Romantic’ BEST scenes: ☞ Don’t forget to check out official special ’Dr. Romantic’ making film: ☞ Visit SBS ’ALL VOD’ and watch more “BEST“ SBS drama to follow:
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