T4 Phage attacking

The WHO estimates up to 700,000 patients died in of multidrug resistant bacterial infections globally in 2016. This rise of multidrug resistant (MDR) bacteria is mainly driven by the excessive use of antibiotics in meat production. Some estimates claim 80% of antibiotics produced globally are used on poultry and pigs. The health threat posed by MDR infections prompted researchers to explore phage therapy again. Several publications have recently reported spectacular successes in the fight against MDR bacterial infections in humans but also livestock. While in the past phage therapy was shunned by pharma companies for various challenges (see below), now the commercial potential and advances in genetics have enticed biotech companies to exploit the deadly potential of phagetherapy as a secret weapon to kill superbugs. Please subscribe to our channel, if you like this content to show your support for our work. Thank you! Now about the amazing nanoworld of bacteriophages: More than 100 yea
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