The “Secret” Subway Under the US Capitol

Did you know that Senators and members of the House get their very own subway system? Below the US Capitol is a network of small trains that shuttle politicians and staff between office buildings. And we could not be more excited to announce that recently, we got a chance to ride the US Capitol Subway! In this video, we will show you all three lines, the two manually-operated lines as well as the automated train. Find out why these exist, and what they used to look like! Trains Are Awesome! Support us on Patreon: Our Instagram: Chapters 0:00 Introduction 0:38 Riding the DC Metro to Capitol South 1:38 Capitol Office Buildings Explained 2:45 Meeting the Guests, Exploring Longworth 5:15 The Rayburn Subway 7:29 The Russel Subway 9:43 History of the Capitol Subway 11:26 The Automated Dirksen-Hart Subway 14:37 Why does this exist?
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