RA Sessions: Loraine James – Black Ting (feat. Le3 bLACK) / Running Like That (feat. Eden Samara)

Loraine James stops by the office for a live performance of tracks from her new album, Reflection. Loraine James’ 2019 debut on Hyperdub, For You & I, established her as an anomalous voice in the next generation of UK dance music. James’ experiments with club music are fiery, jumping between intimate melodies, booming basslines and moments of glitch. Unable to tour and ride the wave of success following For You & I, lockdown proved to be a productive creative incubator for James, who used the time to write her third full-length, Reflection. For her RA Session, she chose to play a couple of the album’s more chilled-out tracks, “Black Ting ( Ft Le3 bLACK)“ and “Running Like That (Ft Eden Samara).“ Armed with a midi keyboard, controller and her trusty laptop, this was one of the first times James played these songs live. “I practised just a couple of times before,“ she said, “I like to be a little underprepared so I make room to try new stuff o
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