what is this place ? | a dreamcore/weirdcore playlist

Here is the playlist that was promised to do in the last poll n.n, so enjoy it :D This video is obviously not monetized, I will leave the timelines and links to the original songs of the creators of these great songs (some songs in this playlist are slowed and reverb therefore they are different from the originals) 0:00 Instupendo - Light Lock 3:10 Fkj - Ylang Ylang (slowed version) 8:00 Crystal Castles - Untrust Us 11:50 - Destroy Me (slowed versión) 18:50 Sitcom - Still Life 22:50 OMORI OST - 155 Treehouse - Here We Are, Together Again 25:14 Undertale - Shop 26:23 HOME - We’re Finally Landing (
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