Taijiquan 48 forms 48式太极拳

48 taijiquan performed by Master Wang Yanji. Maste Wang studied wushu- martial arts from family Li, And has studied to the Chinese many martial arts famous experts. Maste Li Tianji studied wushu from his father, Li Yulin, as well as from his father’s masters, Sun Lutang and Li Jinglin. He graduated from the Shandong Wushu Institute, became a college professor, the executive of the Harbin Wushu Federation, and the first chief coach of the China Wushu Team. Li Tianji has been memorialized as one of the “Ten Best Wushu Masters of China (Zhongguo Shi Da Wushu Mingshi).“ In 1956 Li Tianji created the first standardized taijiquan: 24-Form Simplified Taijiquan, 32-Form Simplified Taiji Sword, 88-Form Yang Taijiquan, Xingyidalianhuan, Wudangjian and Wudangtaijijian. In 1979 Pro. Li Deyin created the 48 Taijiquan form
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