The Making of Street Fighter 2

The Making of Street Fighter 2 is a retro gaming history documentary about the game development of Street Fighter 2 by Jordan H J. It begins with a retrospective about the games that came before it in the fighting game genre, and then moves on to look at how the game was made. It begins with the concept, moves on to the character design, then the development, the music, the technical aspects, the release, the variants and ports, and finally the future of the series. Street Fighter 2 has an important place in gaming history, and this video aims to give context to it’s creation, both with the games that came out before it, and the standard of the industry at the time it came out. I’m Jordan H J, and I make videos on gaming history. Street Fighter 2 is a gaming phenomenon, not only in the retro gaming community but in the modern world, and continues to be one of the standards of the fighting game industry. Please enjoy this walk through gaming history. The making of is an ongoing series taking a look at the m
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