Cozy Tavern on a Rainy Day 🌧️ - Ambience for Writing, Study, Relax

It was a quiet day at the tavern of the village of Lissos. The usual travelers and merchant on their way to the city didn’t take the road with this heavy rain. Follow Ithya’s Adventure: A nice playlist to get in the creative mood for writing, drawing, painting... And find inspiration. Art by Blue Turtle: All Music and sounds are Licensed for YouTube with Epidemic Sound Tracks List: 00:28 With Somebody Else - Headlund 02:46 A Friend Like You - Headlund 04:59 A Day of Infinite Bliss - Eric Feinberg 06:56 All That I Have Written - Headlund 09:20 An Old Friend - Headlund 11:53 Dahlia - Headlund 14:12 Days That Matter - Headlund 16:32 Drifts - Headlund 18:35 I’ll Wait - Eric Feinberg 20:30 King of Spades - Eric Feinberg 22:51 Passing By - Eric F
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